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Embrace the Wisdom of Earth

I am dedicated to regenerating ecosystems: humans, forests, watersheds, and communities. I steward reciprocal relationships between ecological processes and the human mind/body. 


  • Regenerative Landscape & Farm Design

  • Mentorship and Education 

  • Herbal Medicine

  • Folk Healing for Landscapes & People

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The Regenerative Landscaper

Design and Build Landscapes that Repair the Environment

The Regenerative Landscaper is a comprehensive regenerative design and installation manual.

Pristine Native Meadow at Dusk

“Erik Ohlsen’s The Regenerative Landscaper: Design and Build Landscapes That Repair the Environment combines the best of ecological science and the practice of regeneration. Regeneration as Ohlsen makes clear is co-creating with the living earth, her intelligence, her laws, her patterns, working in alignment of the water cycle and nutritional cycle to create circular living economies.” –– Vandana Shiva, Author of Agroecology and Regenerative Agriculture 

“I have been using regenerative principles on my ranch for nearly 30 years and I surely would have benefited from the knowledge that Erik shares in The Regenerative Landscaper. This book is a treasure trove of ecosystem healing principles, practices and ideas. It is a must read for not only gardeners, farmers, ranchers and land managers but anyone who wants to make a difference in healing our planet.” –– Gabe Brown, Author of Dirt to Soil, Rancher and Regenerative Consultant

“Erik's epic tome is a natural outcome of an amazing track record as one of the world's leading regenerative landscapers and educators. I really appreciate that this book is grounded in the practical experience that comes from years of work as a designer, consultant, project manager and contractor—the Regenerative Landscaper will show others what is involved in running such an enterprise, be they a start-up or those looking to transition to more regenerative practices.” –– Darren J. Doherty, Author, The Regrarians Handbook

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