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Oak with rainbow sunset and waxing moon

Folk Tradition Services

Folk traditions are ancient technologies that take into account the seen and unseen forces that govern all of life. These wisdom traditions generally see humans as inseparable from the land. Many folk traditions are founded on principles of reciprocity which is foundational to all my work in the world. Reciprocity within the household, the landscape, and with ancestral spirits. 

By weaving these principles and disciplines with regeneration of landscapes and people, it is clear these old ways offer a deeply holistic view of the world and the human psyche. From within these practices, I offer a wide range of services, including healing of degraded lands, cleansing household’s, personal healing and empowerment, ancestral connection, and much more. 

All these processes can include the use of offerings, talismans, amulets, custom oils, herbal powders, incenses, and more depending on the context of the situation and what is called for. All material used is harvested and made by me with the highest standards applied. All my folk tradition practices are specific and customized for each and every situation. If you’re interested to learn more or have a situation where you could use this kind of support, let me know.

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