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Close up of Ripe Black Elderberries

Ohlsen Apothecary

Herbal Remedies for Body and Mind

We create small batches of potent herbal remedies blending ancient and contemporary methods. All herbs are grown by our hands in a regenerative way or ethically wildcrafted using traditional practices.


Herbal Oils

We make small batches of potent herbal infused oils. Weaving modern and ancient practices our herbal oils are of the highest quality in color, smell, energy, and medicinal value. Using only our regenerative grown or ethically harvested herbs we infuse only in organic sunflower or olive oil.

All oils are for external use only and can be used to treat a number of ailments depending on the herbs used including: skin issues, burns, joint pain, nerve pain, cuts, mood, or for traditional folk practices.  

Oils can also be used to make your own healing salves and lotions. Have a specific oil or need you're looking for? Ask us about custom orders.


Healing Salves

We make herbal salves for skin issues, cuts, muscle ache and more blending our high quality herbal infused oils, beeswax, and essential oils.


Herbal Hydrosols

We make herbal hydrosols using only our own regeneratively grown or ethically harvested herbs. All distillation done by us using our own high quality distillers.

Hydrosols are used topically to treat skin issues, muscle pain, mood, viruses, improve memory, sleep, dreaming and so much more.


Custom Remedies

We make custom remedies to meet your needs! This includes a 30 minute virtual consultation to assess your situation and develop a plan for you and your family. We can make custom salves, oils, tinctures, incense, tea herbs, hydrosols and more.

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